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Over the last few months, we’ve been running a weekly Book Club in the office to chat about Will Guidara’s Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect. A fascinating auto-biographical handbook, covering everything from ‘what makes a great leader’ to ‘serving New York hot dogs as a surprise last course at a fine dining restaurant…’

Well worth a read, you can find a few of Team GB and C’s top takeaways below.

Unreasonable Hospitality book

This book resonates from my own hospitality experience, explaining how crucial good management is: 'praise in public, criticism in private'; how to offer a perfect service but keeping the experience authentic, how to be present at your table without being the star of the show. The level of dedication Will has to his restaurant, his team, the training and obviously, his guests, is so inspiring, but not unrealistic! Chapter 7: Setting Expectations gives a true lesson on how to build a strong team spirit and how to be a successful leader. Chloe

I learned that prioritising positivity is crucial. By focusing on creating a positive experience for others in our workplace, we can establish stronger relationships, foster greater trust and collaboration, and achieve greater success in all aspects of both our work and personal lives. Dianne

Hospitality is a mindset and a way of living, not just a job. By embracing the principles of hospitality in all aspects of our lives, we can create meaningful connections with others and make a positive impact in the world. Karol

This book highlighted so many important principles and lessons that are applicable for professional and personal life. There are so many insightful ways to make small shifts with huge impacts! One of my favourite quotes is ‘let your energy impact the people you’re talking to, as opposed to the other way around.’ This particularly highlights the need for charitable assumption within teams and with our clients. Yas

Will proved that luxury is not always the key to excellence. He illuminated the importance of authenticity, extra attention and effort, and the ‘magic’ of personal touches - things that can, and should, be applied to all work places and everyday life! Aliyah