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Following in the footsteps of #lovefoodgivefood (Action Against Hunger) and Streetsmart (in aid of helping the homeless), A Tip For Trussell will see restaurants across the country add £1 to diners’ bills to support the work of The Trussell Trust. The scheme will run from January to August each year with restaurants able to sign up for as many months during each year as they wish in conjunction with the other charitable works they support. A Tip for Trussell has been set up by Nick Gibson of The Drapers Arms in Islington, London alongside The Trussell Trust.

The Trussell Trust was established in 1997 and now works with over 1,300 food banks in the UK, an increase of over 50% since 2018. There are 14 million people living in food poverty in the UK including 4 million children. The Trussell Trust understands that every person’s struggle with poverty is different and that it takes more than food to end hunger. In the last six months, The Trussell Trust supported the provision of over 1.3 million food supplies to families in the UK with an emergency food parcel provided every 13 seconds in the UK

“Thank you to the team at The Drapers Arms and others in the restaurant industry for their incredible support. With rising living costs and energy prices at record highs, many people are facing impossible decisions this winter, like whether to cook hot food or switch on the heating. But ultimately, no one in the UK should need a food bank – all of us should have enough money for the essentials like food, clothing and heating. The support of The Drapers Arms and others in the restaurant industry will help food banks within our network continue to provide that lifeline of emergency support, while we work together in the long term to ensure everyone can afford the essentials, like food. Thank you so much.”

- Samantha Stapley, Chief Operating Officer of The Trussell Trust

“In a country of real wealth and privilege, it is shocking that there are families, including working families in professional jobs, living in food poverty and in some cases unable to ensure their children don’t go hungry. In the restaurant industry, we are in the business of feeding and looking after people because that is what gives us joy – a key part of that is of course is that there are people lucky enough to enjoy eating and drinking as a leisure activity. It is especially offensive to those of us who do that to think that there are people who simply cannot afford to eat at all.”

- Nick Gibson, Owner of The Drapers Arms.

“Food and wine are two of life’s greatest pleasures. Those of us who make and eat food to relax, create or socialise are extremely lucky. No one should go hungry. Enjoy your meal and at the end please tip the Trussell Trust £1 to help them support food banks to help those less fortunate.”

Writer, Journalist and A Tip For Trussell supporter

- Dolly Alderton, Author

For further information, please speak to Becky Barriball at Gemma Bell and Company at

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