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Toklas Bakery, sister site of Toklas Restaurant and Bar, from the co-founders of Frieze, are proud to introduce their ingredient-led offering from head baker, Janine Edwards. Located just off The Strand at 9 Surrey Street, and opened in October to high acclaim, the bakery focuses on British grains, drawing on a number of mills in its search for breads and viennoiserie that adhere to classical methods while incorporating a modern sensibility.

Seeking to understand and respect tradition, the Bakery embraces a global influence and approach, reflected ultimately within their produce - in the likes of their Tortano, Sour Cherry Swirl and the Bostock.


Toklas Tortano – This rustic loaf from Italy is made over a three-day process, enriched with roasted potatoes, London honey and wild thyme. Whole Désirée potatoes are roasted, the flesh removed so the skins can be further toasted. Both skin and potato flesh are then worked into the dough for flavour. As sugars rise to the surface a dark and chewy crust is created, while the inside stays soft and pillowy.

Sour cherry swirl – Already a favourite among Toklas regulars, this riff on a pain au raisin is studded with sour cherries. The laminated dough is made from organic flour and butter from the Edinburgh Butter Company. Crème fraîche is folded through a rich crème pâtissière custard for lightness and rolled inside. After baking, the pastry is glazed with reduced sour cherry syrup.

Marmalade and almond Bostock – The Bostock presses laminated pastry pieces into a loaf shape, which once baked is sliced and toasted. The topping changes seasonally, currently it is preserved bitter oranges from January’s Todoli* citrus crop, which sits beneath an almond frangipane. Topped with flaked almonds, the pastry is baked once more to create a layered effect of crisp, buttery base and soft topping.

Joining the above products on the Bakery menu are a host of viennoiserie products. From the soft, buttery Laminated Brioche to the crisp Bitter honey and chocolate biscuit, each item is available for takeaway or to eat in the Bakery. Delivery across London via Slerp also possible.


Toklas Bakery majors on English grains, with added heritage varieties from smaller English farms and mills. Head baker Janine Edwards says:

“I am searching all the time for complexity and balance. It is the bakers ultimate aim; harmony and interest, balance and intrigue. Seasonality guides our approach; it informs how we evolve the offer and reflects a sense of time. “


Informed by a career as a chef before she began to bake, Toklas Head Baker Janine Edwards honed her skills at South London’s Little Bread Pedlar following time at the Robin Gill Group. A native South African, Janine is an intuitive baker, inspired by the natural collaboration between kitchens and bakeries. Using the idea of a convivial, collective space, Janine aims to turn Toklas Bakery into a place where people can spend five minutes or an hour, eat in with friends or take away to enjoy at home.

Having designed a menu of pastries using recipes for traditional bakes from across the world, Janine’s baking harnesses that tradition working with a modern appreciation for flavour, texture and ingredients.

Toklas Bakery is situated at 9 Surrey Street, London, and is open 8am-4pm Tuesday to Friday, and from 10am-4pm on Saturdays. The range of bakery produce including breads, pastries and pantry goods is available for delivery via Slerp across London.

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