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What came first, the chicken or the egg? At Pump Street, it’s the farmers who always come first.

This year, make Easter ethical with Pump Street’s selection of chocolate treats, from individual chocolate chickens to a curated collection of treats perfect for a family Easter egg hunt. Putting process, provenance, and taste first, the renowned bakery and chocolate makers have created a range of products to suit every taste and budget for the most discerning sweet tooth.

Heralding the arrival of Spring, Pump Street has also released a box dedicated to their beloved hot cross buns, filled with delicious, freshly baked goods, as well as the Bakery series Hot Cross Bun Bar.

Sourcing their beans from estates and cooperatives that ferment and dry the beans at origin, Pump Street uses traditional methods and all-natural ingredients in Suffolk to create their unrivalled craft chocolate. The beautifully designed packaging, all compostable or recyclable, balances the line between simplicity, sustainability and elegance, with new, limited-edition packaging illustrated by artist Jesse Bevan Brown for 2023.

Allowing customers to choose ethically and environmentally conscious Easter treats, Pump Street’s chocolate is a cut above the rest. Working directly with farmers to source the best beans grown with minimal intervention support for cocoa farmers through a transparent, honest, and sustainable supply chain and direct trade. Pump Street can therefore pay prices far greater than fair trade, direct to growers; and farmers are able to maintain their land and trees in environmentally responsible ways.

Pump Street’s Chocolate Chicken - £9.95

A spring chicken hand-poured from molten single origin craft chocolate. Available in a range of flavours:

Jamaica 75% - Made with beans from Bachelor's Hall in Saint Thomas, Jamaica for a dark chocolate, rich and intense with flavours of dried fruits, toasted grain and a honeyed rum finish.

Madagascar Milk 58% - Made with beans from Akesson's Organic Estate in Sambirano, Madagascar for a rich, luxurious and creamy taste with notes of caramel and treacle.

Hot Cross Bun 60% - Made with beans from Hacienda Victoria in Guayas, Ecuador, this seasonal chocolate brings the flavours of rich, deep dark chocolate and buttery, spiced hot cross buns made in Pump Street’s own bakery.

Mini Easter Egg Bags - £9.95

These charming foiled eggs are available in dark and milk varieties, with 12 eggs made from two distinctly different chocolates. Available in:

Dark Chocolate - Green-foiled Grenada 70%, with berry flavours and herbal notes and yellow-foiled Jamaica 75%, full of deep, rich dried fruit, honey and rum.

Milk Chocolate - Pink-foiled Madagascar Milk 58%, with hints of red fruits and caramel and blue-foiled Ecuador Dark Milk 60% with tastes of nuts, toffee and double cream.

Easter Egg Hunt Large Bag £32

Perfect for an Easter Egg hunt with family or friends, the hand-wrapped collection of 36 chocolate eggs is made up of milk, dark milk and dark chocolate to suit every taste.

The Family Hunt Collection £50

Something for the Whole Family this Easter, this curated bundle includes Family Hunt Collection includes a bag of foiled eggs and two single-origin milk chocolate chicks.

Hot Cross Bun 60% Bar - £6.75

The new Grenada Hot Cross Bun 60% is made with cocoa from the spice island of Grenada and the bakery’s signature hot cross buns, scented with nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon and studded with currants.

Hot Cross Bun Box - £20

Each box contains six hot cross buns, each scented with warming nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon and studded with sweet currants and the special bakery series Hot Cross Bun 60% bar.

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