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Dishoom is delighted to introduce a carefully considered selection of new Christmas products to the Dishoom Store, set to debut on 16th November. The plentiful Chai Hamper, subscription options for both Chai and Naan Roll Kits, a trio of Textiles Tea Towels, and a Vegan Cranberry Chilli Chutney, are a snapshot of the festive items available. These new offerings, alongside existing Dishoom fan favourites, will be available for nationwide delivery throughout the festive season.

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Chai Hamper (£60)
The Chai Hamper, a delightful ensemble designed for chai enthusiasts. Priced at £60, this curated collection brings the ritual of Dishoom's beloved house blend masala chai to the home, allowing a recreation of the comforting café favourite in just under 20 minutes. Accompanying the signature blend are four chai glasses, a nifty tea strainer, a brand new chai tea towel design with floral, leafy patterns and a nod to all things chai (spot the saucepan and pouring teapots!), and a stylish Dishoom trivet - a handy base for placing underneath glasses to protect surfaces from piping hot chai. The Dishoom Trivet will also be sold separately for £12. This ceramic, cork-backed trivet - adorned with a delightful chai chintz pattern - will ensure surfaces stay untouched by heat and watermarks. The new Chai Tea Towel will also be sold separately for £9.50.

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Chai and Naan Roll Kit Subscriptions from £12
Recurring Chai or Bacon / Vegan Naan Roll Kit deliveries are now available – subscriptions are available for as little or as long as desired, and can be skipped, paused or cancelled at any time.

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Naan Roll Gift Cards (£20 + delivery)
Elevate your last-minute gifting game with Naan Roll E-Gift Cards, offering a choice between either bacon or vegan sausage (or both!) —the perfect stocking stuffer for any food enthusiast.

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Dishoom Textiles Tea Towel Trio (£23)
Packaged in a charming gift box, Dishoom's Tea Towel Trio includes the much-loved Dishoom chintz and textiles patterns, plus an exclusive design only available in this collection. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, these towels are made to last. The chintz and textile designs will also be available to purchase separately for £9.50; a most useful stocking-filler.

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Cranberry-Chilli Chutney (£6.80)
A jam-style spread bursting with cranberries and a touch of green chill, now vegan and available for Christmas-tide only. Perfect for festive feasts and essential leftover sandwiches.

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The latest additions are introduced to an already beloved collection that have been delighting patrons since the inception of the Dishoom Store in 2020. From the aromatic Masala Dabba (£39) to the beloved Naan Roll Kits (£20), and the soothing Dishoom Incense (£5.50), the array of products has become synonymous with seasonal gifting.

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