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We are delighted to announce that Pump Street has been awarded The King’s Award for Enterprise 2023, achieved only by a handful of outstanding businesses in the UK.

The Suffolk-based bakery and chocolate maker has been recognised as an exceptional contributor to the field in the international trade category during the first year of the new reigning Monarch, His Majesty King Charles III.

Pump Street’s international exports increased by 78% between 2019 and 2021 with most growth in China and the USA. North America was the leading export sales location accounting for more than 50%, whilst Asia came in a close second with over 30%, and 12% from the EU. This exceeded all expectations and saw Pump Street become a market leader in the Craft Chocolate category across North America specifically.

Proudly producing single farm craft chocolate in the UK for domestic and international customers, Co-Founder Joanna Brennan comments on the award:

“We are so honoured to have received this award in the first year of King Charles III’s reign. His Majesty’s ethics align closely with ours in terms of sustainability and the delivery of quality produce through fair means. We have spent a great deal of time and put heavy emphasis on nurturing relationships across the business by frequently visiting and supporting our local and international partners ensuring a personal connection. We are proud of our British heritage, but thrive on global connections to ensure we maintain an innovative approach to flavour which we feel was a defining factor in our win.”

Pump Street’s core values, set by an employee-led process, have been integral in establishing the brand as a market leader, focusing on quality ingredients, precise attention to detail and high customer satisfaction, as well as a diligent approach to producing ethical and sustainable products.

An uncompromising approach to quality

From the most delicious naturally-leavened bread and handmade pastries to the finest craft chocolate, the team is constantly looking at ways to refine every stage of the sourcing and making process, both in the bakery and chocolate factory. The majority of the bars are made with just cocoa, cocoa butter and a touch of cane sugar, with few ingredients added to allow the complexity of the bean to shine.

Steadfast ethics

Putting process, provenance, and taste foremost, Pump Street sources all cocoa beans from estates and cooperatives based in tropical equatorial climates that ferment and dry the beans at origin. Back in the UK, traditional methods and all-natural ingredients are used to create unrivalled craft chocolate in Suffolk.

Working directly with farmers to source the best beans grown with minimal intervention means support for cocoa farmers through a transparent, honest, and sustainable supply chain and direct trade. Pump Street can therefore pay prices far greater than fair trade, direct to growers; and farmers are able to maintain their land and trees in environmentally responsible ways.


Constantly striving to reduce their environmental footprint, and improve their sustainability means Pump Street considers the environmental impact of all their decision making. Energy from a local renewable source, removing single use plastics from their production process, and developing products that reduce food waste in the bakery, are all steps that have made an impact on their footprint.

The beautifully designed packaging, all UK-made, compostable or recyclable, flawlessly combines simplicity, sustainability and elegance, with limited-edition packaging illustrated by artists including Vanya Dancheva and Jesse Bevan Brown on special occasions, including Easter and Christmas.


The unique, award-winning bakery series is made using freshly baked goods from their own bakery and is the first time chocolate has been crafted with products like a bakery’s own sourdough. Best selling flavours include the signature Sourdough and Sea Salt 66%, Rye Crumb, Milk and Sea Salt 60%; and the famed Croissant 62%, alongside seasonal favourites such as Hot Cross Bun 60% and Panettone 70%.

The King’s Award acknowledges how building relationships helped the business to become a pre-eminent UK chocolate maker overseas, whilst also helping to strengthen the sector as a whole. By showcasing the importance of direct-trade craft chocolate and the growers behind the cocoa, and communicating the depth of flavour and interest that chocolate can have to a global audience, Pump Street highlights that the UK can be known for its chocolate in the same way it is known for gin, cheese and beer.

“Our vision is to look to a future where people understand the markers of quality in the very best chocolate in the world, and that this level of excellence comes both from the country of origin of the cocoa bean, and from the skills and craft honed by the chocolate maker,” says Joanna.

Pump Street’s future plans include product expansion to new and existing customers across both domestic and international markets.

For more information, please contact Harriet on

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