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Speedboat Bar introduces the Celebration Set Menu, launching on November 1st in time for the festive season. Poised for pre-Christmas parties, the restaurant will bring the bold flavours of Bangkok’s Chinatown to London with a series of new dishes from Luke Farrell and Chef Krismas.

Priced at £50 per person, the menu starts with Speedboat’s signature Sweetcorn Fritters followed by Thai Oysters with Chilli Jam and Seafood Sauce. This meticulously seasoned Thai dish treats shucked oysters to the smoky Nam Prik Pao—a chilli jam, and a zingy green seafood sauce topped with crispy shallots. Adding to the explosion of flavours is the 'kratin' leaf frond, sourced exclusively from Luke’s Ryewater Nursery. It transforms the briny saltiness of the oysters into a sweet delight, capturing the lively spirit of Thai hawker centres and beach roads of Thailand.

To follow, a warming Prawn Chu Chee Curry of whole king prawns immersed in a rich, deep-red coconut cream sauce; tempered with fresh Pickled Mustard Green Salad and Chinese Broccoli, Chestnut, and Shitake Mushrooms. Finish with a celebratory centrepiece, Khao Moo, a beloved Thai dish with Chinese origins. Here, pork hocks are slow-braised with soy sauce and an aromatic mix of cassia and star anise, served wok-chopped and juicy over rice, with an acid chilli vinegar garlic sauce.

No meal is complete without Rice and new to the menu is the extra-special, organic rice from Chef Krismas. Sourced from the lush fields of Northern Thailand and served only at Speedboat Bar, Krismas grows organic and natural rice through sustainable practices. His crop depends entirely on each season’s rainfall and is extra rich in flavour from the coconut and banana trees surrounding the farm.
Reservations are now open for the festive season. Sign up to the newsletter for more information.

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