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Bébé Bob, the Soho restaurant born out of a love for rotisserie chicken, will introduce Landais chicken nuggets to its menu. Served at lunch only with Gochujang mayonnaise, a side of French fries and a Winter leaf salad, or the perfect accompaniment to devour alongside the restaurant’s signature dishes - caviar, rotisserie chicken and devilled eggs to name a few.

Known for their meticulous adherence to traditional French cooking and their selection of vodka served at -18ºC, Bébé Bob aims to elevate the humble chicken nugget to the next level. For one thing, the batter is made with vodka instead of water. Vodka is quicker to boil and does so more vigorously, creating more and larger bubbles for that extra crispness and lightness. It also allows the batter to be made much thinner and for it to stay crisp for far longer.

Beyond this crispy outer shell lies the real hero ingredient - Landais chicken sourced from the esteemed Arnaud Tauzin in Gascony, whose family legacy in poultry farming dates back to the 19th century. Famous for its rich, deep flavour and tenderness, this milk & corn fed chicken has earned the title of "the Rolls Royce of the poultry world", according to acclaimed 3-Michelin Star chef Hélène Darroze.

Founder Leonid Shutov has collaborated with Japanese manga artist, Shu Sakuratani, to create the playful tablemats and nugget parchment that completes the dish. All are imprinted with Shu’s ‘Rooster Fighter’ manga featuring a lone rooster with super strength wandering Japan in the search for justice. With a deep appreciation and love for Japan, Shutov has nodded to its culture throughout his restaurants - from the centerpiece painting by artist Kaoru Shibuta at Bébé Bob to the hand-made Japanese book-binding paper used as wallpaper at Bob Bob Ricard.

The nuggets can be both a quick lunch or a more elaborate meal. Opt for caviar - the Bob Bob staple - which comes in three varieties, followed by a variety of comfort food starters; think Anchovy egg mayonnaise and Prawn cocktail, complete with Cognac Marie Rose sauce. Desserts are also plentiful with Tarte fine and Calvados ice cream, Paris-Brest and the traditional Honey Cake to name a few.

The wine list is designed to complement and elevate the nuggets without breaking the bank, with Head of Wines Giacomo Recchia giving half the list over to Champagne and Burgundy, and half to the classic favourites from around the world. In a time-honoured Bob Bob tradition, the fine wines and Champagnes are offered at some of the best value in London.

The Landais Chicken Nuggets are priced at £19 which includes Winter Leaf Salad and French Fries on the side. Available for lunch at the bar counter to walk-ins only, with no reservations taken.

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