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This summer, Fortnum & Mason’s award-winning Parlour, set in the heart of the flagship Piccadilly store, will serve a new ‘Eau de Nil’ ice cream. The new, limited-edition flavour will bring the nostalgic essence of Blackpool rock to London frequenters for the first time, in a bid to preserve the dying art of making this iconic, retro confectionery.

To celebrate International Ice Cream Day (on Sunday 21st July), the new flavour developed by Executive Pastry Chef Roger Pizey will grace the menu of the 1st floor ice cream parlour, available to visitors throughout the height of summer. Instead of a classic chocolate flake, the ice cream will be adorned with a stick of rock in Fortnum’s orange brand colour. Supplied by the skilled craftspeople at Blackpool Rock, the sticks will feature the slogan ‘Fortnum’s Rock’ through its minty core.

Eau de Nil is the vintage, art deco mint green colour that has become synonymous with the Fortnum’s brand. Translating to ‘water of the Nile’, Fortnum’s signature colour was inspired by the flowers and fabrics of India, this ‘new’ colour was recreated by 18th century designers and has been a part of the Fortnum & Mason palette since the beginning. In this instance, the ice cream will be the distinctive Fortnum & Mason signature colour, 1707 Eau de Nil, denoting the scented peppermint flavour associated with Blackpool rock sweets.

The Fortnum’s campaign comes at a critical moment for Blackpool, following MP Chris Webb’s pleas to save the dying craft of making Blackpool rock, due to a lack of skilled workers and increased imports from China. In the same vein as Stilton cheese, Webb has urged the government to give the confectionery protected status, to preserve the future of the iconic sweet.

Fortnum & Mason will be parking up bespoke ice cream bicycle carts on the Fortnum’s ground floor atrium at the Piccadilly site, at Fortnum’s Royal Exchange and at the King’s Cross St. Pancras outlet, where the Eau de Nil Fortnum’s ice cream will be gifted in samples to shoppers and visitors throughout the summer.

Fortnum & Mason’s ice cream credentials reach back to the early 1950s, when they were first credited for introducing the Knickerbocker Glory to the UK, as a maximalist dessert to celebrate the end of WW2. This year they will continue to commemorate quintessentially British culture by paying tribute to the peppermint flavour of the famous confectionery that the seaside resort has become known for.

The Parlour is the retro ice-cream destination for adults and children of all ages looking for some mid-shopping respite. Marble tables and vintage chairs line the room, adorned with illustrations all over the walls. Eau de Nil will sit amongst classic flavours on the ice cream menu, allowing guests to build their own coupes, sundaes and floats with an assortment of colourful toppings to choose from.

Amongst Gin and tonic floats, the Summer Knickerbocker Glory and abundant ice cream selection there is also an array of savoury treats, from Chopped chicken salads to Classic scotch eggs. The Parlour is open Monday - Saturday from 10am - 8pm, or Sunday from 11.30am - 6pm.

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