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The Aubrey - acclaimed Japanese restaurant and elevated izakaya at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London - announces the release of its own label sake “The Tsuchida Aubrey Junmai.”

This new sake is the result of years of development and a unique collaboration between The Aubrey London, The Aubrey Hong Kong, and Tsuchida Sake Brewery, a small sake producer in the picturesque Gunma prefecture of rural Japan.

To celebrate the release, a special ‘Summer of Sake’ menu which pairs selected sushi, sashimi and robata dishes with the new label sake, will be available in the restaurant’s private dining room throughout the summer ahead of World Sake Day in October. Head Sushi Chef, Miho Sato, will match a series of dishes to complement its delicate flavours. To start, the Chef’s Selection Bento Box will be filled with a variety of The Aubrey’s Edomae style sushi including sashimi, nigiri and maki rolls; followed by Yakimono – Gindara Saikyo Yaki (black cod); and Miso Soufflé with coconut ice cream. An array of contrasting sakes will be served throughout the evening.

In developing the recipe, Head Sommelier, Maxim Kassir together with Sake Samurai, Natsuki Kikuya, carefully selected the locally grown Asahi no Yume rice. This rice is only polished to 90%, removing just 10% of the rice, resulting in a fine premium Junmai sake rich in umami and savoury notes. Polishing removes the outer layer of each grain to expose its starchy core. Reflecting The Aubrey’s mission to minimise waste, the minimal polishing not only reduces rice wastage but also imparts distinctive aromas of cereal, soy sauce, dry herbs, baking spices, and hints of tropical fruits like pineapple, melon and papaya.

The Tsuchida Aubrey Sake distinguishes itself with a low alcohol content of only 13%, more akin to white wine. This creates a lighter, palate-friendly drinking experience without the overpowering spirit notes often found in higher-alcohol sakes.

The use of the ancient “Kimoto” method to brew The Tsuchida Aubrey Junmai adds depth and balance to the sake's character, enhancing acidity whilst balancing the umami flavours with its mouth-coating viscosity. The “Kimoto” method is a traditional, more labour-intensive method of brewing that takes twice as long as modern methods but produces rich and complex sakes.

On the collaboration, Maxim comments: “On my journey to create a sake that would work well with the variety of Japanese dishes we serve at The Aubrey – The Tauchida brewery truly stood out. Importantly, we also share the same values: celebrating nature in every aspect of production and a focus on high quality. After almost 18 months of development, we have finally created the perfect sake that is both refreshing and light, with bright acidity balancing its residual sugars resulting in aromas of tropical fruit with savoury notes of soy and miso. It’s great to now see it in its beautiful bottle enjoyed by guests here in London and Hong Kong.”

Designed by The Aubrey Hong Kong’s in-house graphic artist Ayla Leung, the bottle label features a bonsai tree, an artform that requires a combination of diverse elements in order to be appreciated, similar to the process of brewing sake. The division of the tree signifies the partnership between both of The Aubrey restaurants and Tsuchida Sake Brewery; The Aubrey represents hospitality, and Tsuchida, the crucial roots preserving culture and tradition of exceptional sake production.

The Aubrey serves the new release as part of an expansive beverage programme, which emphasises the versatility of sake with over 40 on offer, from rich Junmai to ultra-premium Junmai Dai Ginjo.

The Tsuchida Aubrey Junmai is available to buy and drink by the glass, carafe, or bottle in The Aubrey exclusively. Guests can also purchase it directly on-site. The Summer of Sake menu will be available in the private dining room for up to 12 people and the Ukiyo Room up to 8 people.

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