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Introducing N25 caviar and Umai caviar: founded by Hermes Gehnen, the young entrepreneur and visionary behind the groundbreaking caviar house. Fuelled by his passion for gastronomy, Hermes envisioned a caviar house focused on exceptional quality and service, adopting Germanic standards of craftsmanship from their Munich-based headquarters. The house supplies some of the best chefs in the world, from Brett Graham and his three-star The Ledbury, to Munich’s own three-star holding Jan Hartwig and his Restaurant Jan.

Precision and detail, without compromise

The name ‘N25’ pays homage to the geographic origin of the caviar. Through a unique ageing process, N25 offers an unforgettable caviar experience, defined by complex, umami flavour profiles that have a refined subtlety. Perfectly balanced to be enjoyed alone, N25 is also the chef’s choice caviar, and can be seamlessly incorporated into exceptional dishes around the world.

Each sturgeon is hand-picked for harvesting, with the high altitude generating fish that produce roe with a greater fat content. Once harvesting is complete, mineral salt is used in a curing process that enhances the natural flavour of the pearls. Drawing out moisture through efficient osmosis, the curing of the roe allows them to better withstand ageing in a sub-zero temperature chamber - a transformative process that is distinctly N25, which achieves the caviar’s rich nuttiness and umami flavour.

Developing an ageing process specific to each species of sturgeon takes months of precision and patience. The resulting caviar then undergoes visual and sensory quality control, at the hands of the brand’s caviar masters who abide by the strictest of culling parameters. From this meticulous grading process, only the top 10% of the roe that meet all the stringent criteria receive the prestigious N25 label.

Assessing each roe individually based on its texture, size, colouration, salt content and aromas, the caviar masters then provide unique serial ID numbers for each tin, tracing the roe from fish to tin, with detailed notes about the specific characteristics of the caviar. This level of quality control enables N25 to provide a personalised service that matches each chef’s caviar preferences.

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The new era of caviar

With the knowledge and experience of producing N25 Caviar, Umai was launched last year with the aim of making caviar more approachable and light-hearted. On a mission to inspire interest in more consumers, Umai showcases creative and multifaceted ways of enjoying caviar.

The word “Umai” originates from Japanese cuisine and is often used to describe something delicious, tasty, or flavourful. By offering two flavour profiles - Heritage and Modern - Umai simplifies caviar consumption, allowing consumers to choose their desired tin without requiring extensive knowledge of this delicacy. The brand embraces its versatility, playfulness and discovery - whether customers pair the tins with savoury or sweet dishes, both Heritage and Modern caviar allow exploration and adventure in new ways.

The N25 range

N25 Oscietre - short maturation

The most familiar variety of caviar from a species that originated from the Caspian Sea. The N25 Oscietra has a shorter maturation process, bringing out its complex flavour profile of creaminess and nutty notes with a sweet, floral finish. From £90 per tin.

N25 Kaluga Hybrid - 4-5 months ageing

The union of Huso Dauricus and Schrenckii sturgeons produces stunning large roe with a firm texture that is aged for several months longer than the Oscietre. It has a balance of nutty and creamy flavours, with an elegant, savoury finish. Kaluga Hybrid is versatile in its use, seen on desserts, fish courses and all other parts of menus. From £90 per tin.

N25 Schrenckii - 6-7 months ageing

The rare Schrenckii sturgeon is a caviar connoisseur’s ultimate reverie. After a medium maturation period, the Schrenckii is cherished for its nutty, buttery flavour, with hints of egg yolk in a long, savoury finish. From £90 per tin.

N25 Kaluga - 7-8 months ageing

The epitome of fine caviar from one of the rarest sturgeon species in the world, a cousin of the Beluga. The Kaluga sturgeon, growing up to 20 years old, produces caviar that is defined by its finesse and elegance. Its large grain size allows it to be aged for much longer, often up to a year. The Kaluga is celebrated for roasted walnut and hazelnut notes with a long, savory finish. From £180 per tin.

The Umai range

Umai Heritage

Umai Heritage pays homage to classic caviar flavours, much like traditional Oscietre. Its minerally, creamy and salty essence lend it perfectly to beef tartare, scallops and oysters. From £45 per tin.

Umai Modern

Versatile with an amber hue, these larger pearls have a more delicate, nutty aroma - perfectly paired with lobster, parsnip, and even desserts such as vanilla ice cream. From £45 per tin.

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