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Fortnum & Mason is proud to announce the upcoming season of events in the new Food and Drink Studio this summer. The 3rd floor of their Piccadilly flagship steps into July with a roster of acclaimed chefs, food writers and industry movers and shakers, for a series of food-focused talks and interactive events.

The space, complete with hybrid kitchen and studio, is designed for sharing Fortnum’s knowledge of and love for food. It’s a space where all are encouraged to experiment and learn, craft and produce; where panels, talks and workshops will be led by both emerging and established talent.

Having launched in March to much acclaim with a number of sold-out events, Fortnum’s Food & Drink Studio continues to encourage guests of all ages to embark on culinary journeys, from home - whether that be celebrating British and world cuisine on our doorstep or experimenting in the kitchen. See below for full details on events.

In Conversation With Bee Wilson & Chantelle Nicholson

'Developing young palates’
Wednesday 5th July, 6.30pm – 8.00pm - £20

Chair Bee Wilson and chef Chantelle Nicholson share their insights on children’s food literacy and taking innovative approaches to children’s menus in restaurants in this special talk. Hosted by award-winning food author, Clare Finney, join the panel as they discuss ways of expanding children’s culinary horizons.

Supper Club with Matt Burgess

'Reconnecting through food'
Friday 14th July, 6.30pm – 9.00pm - £60

Māori New Zealand chef Matt Burgess is renowned for his experimental fusion cuisine, found at Caravan & Soho House, but more recently he has found himself bringing it back to basics. When his mother passed away during Covid, Matt battled travel restrictions to make the long journey back to New Zealand to be by her side. By cooking from her recipe book, Matt has been keeping her memory alive & reconnecting with his childhood.In this deeply personal supper club, Matt cooks the dishes that connect him with his heritage, his upbringing but also with his life in the UK.

A Spotlight on Paul A Young

‘Chocolate from Around the World’
Thursday 20th July, 6.30pm - 8pm - £20

Ranked as one of the best chocolatiers in the world, Paul A Young is a ground-breaking and inspirational chocolatier with a reputation for being an incredibly creative flavour alchemist. Paul will be running a delectably delicious chocolate tasting session with over eight different chocolates from around the world.

In Conversation With Angus D Birditt & Friends

'Supporting British Cheese'
Saturday 5th August, 6.30pm – 8.00pm - £20

Join Angus D Birditt, author of A Portrait of British Cheese, along with cheesemakers Oliver Hemsley (Hollis Mead), Martin Tkalez (Pevensey Cheese) and Wilma Finlay (Ethical Dairy), as they discuss the threats facing UK farms and the artisan cheese industry – and why losing cheesemakers would not only deprive us of delicious products but would also cut us off from a key part of our traditions and heritage.

In Conversation With...Dr Andrea Tanner

'Fortnum's Expeditions'
Friday 11th August, 3.00pm – 5.00pm - Free

Almost a century before the Food & Drink Studio was a twinkle in Fortnum's eye, the 3rd Floor at Piccadilly was home to the Expeditions Department, where guests could order everything needed for the grand adventure. Over the centuries, Fortnum’s hampers have brought a taste of home to travellers far and wide. Join the in-house archivist Dr Tanner for a look back at how Fortnum's has helped to bring a feeling of home away from home over the years.

Join Fortnum & Mason’s Food and Drink Studio this summer to travel the world of food without leaving London, for the full programme of Summer events, visit

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