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Introducing BOBO Wines: driving the wine industry forward with the finest organic French viniculture squeezed into a fully recyclable, strikingly designed box.

Determined to change the mixed reputation surrounding boxed wine, co-founders Chris Wawak and sommelier Amber Gardner (former wine director of NoMad) have meticulously tasted and researched independent organic winemakers across France who pour passion, craftsmanship and artistry into every box; bringing a Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and Provence Rosé to the market. Available online nationwide and in select retailers now.

Born out of a desire to offer a more sustainable option to drinking, BOBO Wines are able to cut carbon emissions by 90% compared to glass bottles with their recyclable packaging. A stat that has driven Europe to adopt this new way of drinking - it is now 50% of the Swedish market - but still mostly ignored in the UK.

The boxes are designed by Carter Studio and draw inspiration from the cubist typography of French artist Fernand Léger. Each facet graphically spells out the individual letters of BOBO to encapsulate the brand mantra: ‘The finest French viniculture lovingly squeezed into a box’. Wines stay fresh and vibrant for up to six weeks, ensuring waste is significantly reduced.


Innovators in the field, wines currently available from BOBO include:

Château Camp Long Côtes de Provence Rosé 2022 (£43)

Grown on Château Pas du Cerf, this pale petal-pink wine is created by eighth generation sisters of the Gualtieri family. Organic farming has been paramount to their success, with the replanting of indigenous Provençal grape varieties and the reintroduction of polyculture with fruit and olive trees.

The Provençal blend of red grapes is gently pressed to extract petal-pink hues, resulting in an aroma of the season’s first strawberries, white flowers, crushed sea salt and a hint of red cherry. Keeping hold of all of these delicate aromas, the wine is left to age in stainless steel tanks before bottling. Amber recommends pairing this dry light wine with freshly caught seafood and crusty bread - ideally on the coast.

Château de Parnay Saumur ‘Le Blason de Parnay’ Chenin Blanc (£46)

This refreshing white, made using Chenin Blanc grapes from the verdant hilltops overlooking the Loire Valley, is sourced from a flagship estate with hundreds of years of history. Mathias Levron and Régis Vincenot took over the domain in 2006 with the desire to restore the vineyard to its former glory.

The wine is packed with notes of crunchy nashi pear, white peaches and a fresh savoury minerality from the rich limestone soils on which the vines grow. Chris recommends roast chicken and pork chops, along with Middle Eastern inspired dishes and flavours.

Château de Parnay Saumur-Champigny 'Le Blason de Parnay' (£46)

Grown on the same Loire Valley estate as the Chenin Blanc, this red wine is made entirely from Cabernet Franc grapes that are picked and then destemmed, so as not to add any more of the green herbaceousness that keeping the stems can bring. Once the juice is fermented, the wine is moved to steel tanks for a short ageing process, so as to retain the joyful and fruity joie de vivre that is so moreish in this wine.

Medium-bodied, Amber suggests red meat, such as lamb kebabs, or roasted dark leafy vegetables, with purple sprouting broccoli a particular favourite.


The decision to create BOBO Wines was a no-brainer for Chris whose passion for food, travel and wine is boundless. Following frequent trips to France and a realisation that outstanding wines could be sourced in a box, he was inspired to spread the word.

With a focus on the UK market initially, Chris is determined to change the reputation of boxed wine, encouraging consumers to consider it a chic, affordable and environmentally friendly option. In his own words, “It was obvious to me during the pandemic that there had to be a better option than heavy glass bottles filling London bins, consuming necessary fridge space and wine going stale in a few days' time. The box is clearly the answer, but it needed premium organic French wine and an amazing design.”

Amber is a British sommelier, writer and educator who has spent over a decade working in Michelin-starred restaurants (including Davies & Brook, Leroy, NoMad). Collaborating with winemakers in Australia, across Europe and the UK, Amber has become a strong advocate for proper and considered farming, leading her to seek out French vignerons with the same ethos. On the launch of Bobo, Amber notes “I was immediately inspired by Chris' vision and we have been on the most amazing journey together that has seen BOBO become something even more extraordinary than what we thought it could be. Bringing together design and art, history, vignerons, delicious wine and sustainability. BOBO encapsulates the camaraderie and conviviality that well-made wine is all about for me!”


Wines stay fresh for up to six weeks, ensuring consumers can enjoy a single glass; relevant in this era of mindful drinking. Boxes are portable, making them the ultimate accompaniment for social settings and are available in 2.25L boxes (designed for fitting in easily in the fridge) nationwide:

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