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A family-style menu from the restaurant with technique and balance at its heart

Lagom, founded by Chef Elliot Cunningham in 2016, is delighted to announce a brand-new Sunday ‘roast’ offering. Balancing flavours of open-fire cooking with those of Elliot’s Swedish heritage, Lagom’s Sunday Roast menu will include a variety of vegetable and meat sharing dishes, launching on 22nd October.

Situated within Hackney Church Brew Co., the restaurant will offer guests the opportunity to choose from communal, family-style ‘roasts’ prepared by Elliot and team. Smoked chicken will come half or whole for two or four people, brined in salt for two days before it smokes for three hours over Silver Birch wood, Elliot’s log of choice for lighter meats and vegetables. Coal roasted pork belly or beef rump will be served in generous slabs, cooked over coals in a way that allows the meat to sing, and as Christmas nears, Smoked turkey legs will be a main feature.

Vegetables, which play a vital role within Lagom’s wider weekday menu, will also feature heavily on Sundays. Celeriac, roasted whole within the coals to achieve charred, fiery flavour will be smothered in a punchy green sauce, whilst sides come in the form of the much-loved Lagom Crispy potatoes, and newer seasonal dishes of Charred cabbage, Yorkshire pudding and Stuffing meatloaf.

Lagom, which means ‘just enough’ in Swedish, strives to find an intentional, yet delicate balance of flavours throughout each dish. Selecting rarer woods and charcoal which infuse their dishes with a lighter smokiness,

Elliot and team search for an exact and precise mix of tastes and textures, perfectly encapsulated within the Beetroot carpaccio. Entirely vegan, and made using scorched beetroot roasted directly within hot coals, the vegetable is just cooked, peeled and thinly sliced before it is plated, topped with a lightly smoked rapeseed oil, fresh mint and toasted hazelnuts. The result is a dish which has become a mainstay on the restaurant’s menu, beloved by regulars and new visitors alike.

Behind each dish is a thoughtful and complex layering of techniques, inherited from Elliot’s background working with some of London’s best-loved live-fire chefs, and modernised using techniques all his own merged with flavours from his Scandinavian heritage. In Lagom’s Honey mustard trout, the fish is hot-smoked over indirect heat, before it is smothered with a honey-mustard dressing, while their lauded Fried celeriac bun is a riff on the fish and tartare classic - made entirely vegan and topped with a Vinegar slaw for added freshness.

With a meticulous attitude towards produce, the producers who supply Lagom are as essential to the restaurant’s menu as the chefs who cook there. Meat is supplied through trusted relationships with London butchers Turner & George and Hogget & Boar, following the painstaking process of finding the exact ratio of fat to lean, the perfect breed of cattle, the precise length of dry-ageing to achieve peak taste. Vegetables come from the team at Shrub, and fish via Henderson Seafood, providing Lagom with some of the finest, hyper-seasonal ingredients to inform their menu. The team also work in tandem with the brewery, helping turn by-products into something delicious; take the restaurant’s Seasonal crumble, where spent brewer’s malt is made into a nutty, caramel-flavoured topping.

“At Lagom, we strive to showcase the best of British; meat, fish, and veg, cooked over sustainable British fuel. We’re looking forward to sharing this on Sundays, too. Whilst we agree perhaps nothing comes close to your mum’s roast, we feel this one is definitely worth venturing out for.”

Lagom’s Sunday Roast menu will launch on Sunday 22nd October. Reservations can be made via the Hackney Church Brew Co website.

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