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Pump Street is excited to reveal the highly-anticipated new addition to the bakery series: the Cookie Chip Chocolate Bar, launching on 22nd September.

An inside-out classic, the 60% dark milk chocolate contains chunks of Pump Street Bakery’s freshly-baked cookie dough. The dough is baked to a caramelised crisp for added flavour and texture, and embedded into the chocolate ahead of the tempering stage to ensure the crumbs remain distinct and crunchy, resulting in each bite tasting like the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Pump Street is continually exploring novel ways to create the very best chocolate and baked goods possible. The unique, award-winning bakery series is the first of its kind to be crafted using freshly baked goods, with products produced at their Suffolk based bakery. The Cookie Chip Chocolate Bar will join a series of best selling flavours including the signature Sourdough and Sea Salt 66%, Rye Crumb, Milk and Sea Salt 60%; and the famed Croissant bar 62%, alongside seasonal favourites such as Hot Cross Bun 60% and Panettone 70%.

Co-founder Joanna Brennan comments on the launch, "The Cookie bar has been in development for over two years and we're thrilled to finally share it, and for this to be the first bar in our impactful new packaging and format. At Pump Street we're driven to experiment with the most delicious intersections of baking and chocolate, first with our sourdough bar, and now with our new Cookie Chip Chocolate. We've taken the rich, buttery caramel flavour from our cookies, and instead of adding chocolate, we've added the cookie to the bar. It's reminiscent of after school cookies straight from the oven."

To coincide with the product launch is the evolution of Pump Street’s completely new packaging alongside a change to the shape of the chocolate bars themselves, marking the biggest change the products have undergone in Pump Street’s ten year history. Continually striving towards an uncompromising approach to quality, innovation and steadfast ethics, Pump Street puts process, provenance, and taste at the forefront of their approach. All beans are sourced from estates and cooperatives based in tropical equatorial climates that ferment and dry the beans at origin. This way, Pump Street is able to support cocoa farmers through a transparent, honest and sustainable supply chain with direct trade.

The new and improved packaging re-introduces ‘Suffolk pink’ and adds a touch of luxury to the bars, while also highlighting Pump Street’s unique starting point as both bakers and chocolate makers.

The new label, a distinctive obround shape, takes cues from the chocolate making process; a reference to the circular motion of cocoa nibs being ground in the conch. Each label is ringed in distinctive colours for each of the single-origin bars, or gold for the bakery series, also communicating the essential information of farm, origin, inclusions, percentage and tasting notes.

The new-look bars are enclosed in beautifully soft pink paper, the same colour that has adorned Pump Street Bakery from the very beginning. Opening the bar reveals beautiful gold foil wrapped around the chocolate inside. The interior of the paper shows one of four unique commissioned illustrations from Jesse Bevan Brown, each of which depicts a vignette of Orford, Suffolk, the home of Pump Street Bakery. All UK-made, compostable or recyclable, the new packaging flawlessly combines simplicity, sustainability and elegance.

The bar itself takes a fresh form of an undulating pattern. Not only does the shape reflect the chocolate-making process, but it is designed to improve the tasting experience, whereby through a slimmer format, the chocolate is allowed to melt more easily to release its flavour. The bar weight of 70g remains unchanged, and the chocolate continues to be made from bean to bar in the Suffolk factory using the highest quality cocoa.

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